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Note about the version numbers: the version number may look confusing, but notice that the last two numbers in the version are date when the version is released in the form Y.MDDN (Y is the year, M is the month and DD is the day). For example, 7.7010 is released at 1st July 2007 and 10.8220 is released at 22th August 2010. The version shown in the about box maybe in longer form, but the date still comprises of the last twp numbers. For example 3.1 RC3m build 10.8220 is same as When you compare the versions, you only need to compare the last two numbers (i.e., the date)..

Official versions:

The official versions that has installers are listed below. However, note that these versions are rather old and the most recent 3.1 RC versions (below) are probable more stable.

32 bit versions:

Version 3.0 (, 1.7.2007): locate32-
Version 3.0 (, 9.4.2007): locate32-
Version 3.0 (, 25.3.2007): locate32-
Version 3.0 (, 6.1.2007): locate32-

64 bit versions:

Version 3.0 (, 1.7.2007): locate32-x64-
Version 3.0 (, 9.4.2007): locate32-x64-
Version 3.0 (, 25.3.2007): locate32-x64-
Version 3.0 (, 6.1.2007): locate32-x64-

ZIP archives from official releases are here.

Release candidates (RC) and beta versions

Daily builds are here. The daily builds are used to let users to test most newest features or fixes. Currently the latest versions are here. Use these versions, unless for some reason you want to stick with the official builds (above).

The official release candidates and beta versions can be found from here here.

Updates/news feeds

If you want to get a notification via email when a new version is available (do not include daily builds), I suggest you to register in website and use its great email notification system. Locate32's own page in BetaNews is here. You can also use one of the many syndication (news feed) options on the main page!