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Getting involved:

The author's time to work with Locate is very limited. Lately I have had time to implement only few of things which are suggested by users and therefore Locate32's todo list (see "Locate32 suggestions" in the forum) is just growing. Therefore I hope that there would be some enthusiastic persons who are willing to help with this project.

There are some ways to help in Locate32 project:

  • If you have programing skills, you could check Locate32 Suggestions forum whether there is something which you can implement. You can also try to fix bugs reported here. Locate32 is written with C++. You can download the source code for Locate32 from Source Code page.
  • You can create new content for the help file or improve it otherways. For example, you can add description for numerous options in the settings dialog that are not described yet, or create "How to" pages to describe how something specifig can be done with Locate32. The help file is a collection of HTML pages. To download the source code for the help file, see Source Code page.
  • Test new features and report bugs.
  • Make translations or update existing translation files if those are old. (contact the author for more information)
  • Improve the website.

You can also suggest other things if you think that there is something what you can do to improve Locate32. Please contact the author if you are interested (E-mail me).