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Written by Janne Huttunen   
Saturday, 31 January 2009

Reporting bugs or suggesting new features

You can submit suggestions and bug reports using Flyspray. Fly spray is available in the address You can create a task for bug or suggestion anonymously.

Using the contact form for suggestions and bug reports is strongly discouraged, though not prohibited. The reason for this is that the forum is the one and only place where suggestions and bug reports requiring further attention are collected (really!). To prevent the suggestion and bug reports to be lost, those are copy-pasted by author to Flyspray. To save authors time, please do this by yourself. Questions and feedback sent by the contact form is welcome.

Read this before sending a bug report. Take also a look at existing tasks in Flyspray to check if there is already a task for something similar. You can also check topics in Locate32 Suggestionsforum.